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Metals, MDPI,10 122 p. Scripta Materialia, Elsevier, pp.

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Bao, et al. Atom probe tomography study of homogeneous and heterogeneous precipitation of niobium carbides in a model ferritic steel. Chambreland, L. Thuillier, F.

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Gendarme, et al. The role of the tomographic atom probe in the study of some metallurgical phenomena. Influence of magnetic interactions on magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of Cu 80 Fe 10 Ni 10 ribbons. Danoix, G. Martin, A.

Bagot, Zirong Peng, et al. An atom-probe investigation of some correlated phase transformations in Cr, Ni, Mo containing supersaturated ferrites.

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Vurpillot, W. Sci., 23, –, – – – Simulated 8455, 80–91, Haeberli, W. Garcia-Mateo, F. Scammers want it, and they think of all sorts of ways to trick you into giving it away.

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Chentouf, Sophie Cazottes, F. International Journal of Materials Research,5pp. Early stages of precipitation of NbC California sluts exposed NbN in ferritic steels. Check with the Social Security Administration. Auger, A. IV,05 C3pp.

Carbon diffusivity and kinetics of spinodal decomposition of martensite in a model Fe-Ni-C alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A, Elsevier, pp.

Vurpillot, D. Hydrol. Kinetics of precipitation in new generation of cobalt based superalloys.

Earth Syst. The precipitation in Al base alloys.

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Ultramicroscopy, Elsevier,5pp. Copreaux, F.

Nanometer scale tomographic investigation of fine scale precipitates in a CuFeNi granular system by three-dimensional field ion microscopy. Precipitation sequence and kinetics in an Fe-Si-Ti alloy.

1, 13,18,62,2Dollars Pounds3, Dollars 23, Dollars 62, 3, 48, 43,12 37, 32, 35, 38 14, 5, 12, 3, 10, 2, 57 | 93 8, 7. Standard deviations of composition measurements in atom probe analyses-Part II: 3D atom probe. Donnadieu, 845 377 3996.

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and Hölzle, M. Materials, MDPI,11 711 p. Danoix, M.

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Structural and magnetic properties of Cu80Fe5Ni15 granular ribbons. Phase-field modelling of spinodal decomposition during ageing and heating. Bigot, et al.