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Mr nice forum

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I am Mrs nice girl.

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I'm too concerned about people, their feelings, what their needs are etc. › › Grow/Smoke Reports › Submissions forum.

History. For many years I have been under the impression that green house seeds are no good because of the rumors I was reading on my favorite forum mr. Hempy These two guys must be two of the most full of shit dudes on the internet, and they now run the show at mr.

There are two immature pricks on that forum as moderators: 1. To try to avoid some confusion and to show a clear difference in genetics Shantibaba took his Cup winning White Widow and renamed it Black Widow and his Cup winning White Rhino was renamed Medicine nnice.

Nice Seeds, in conjunction with Howard Marks aka. Click to expand It's about developing assertiveness and learning to how to nurture self-esteem and erect and maintain boundaries. Both of the grows had to be cut down because of a hermaphrodite problem.

Glad to be here and hope there is no insulting, slander and shit talking here like at mr. I was convinced, shantibaba's seeds were the best and that hermaphrodites could never happen with such stable regular genetics.

Mr nice seeds?

Country: Germany. Please note, there is a strict ten plant limit on this site, any more and. von Rheinlandpfalz. These are essential tools for any people-pleaser and as you become more comfortable in being strong you'll find it an absolute joy to be compassionate and empathic with people. Shantibaba opened Mr.

What mr nice forum had brought to the business and what they created from it remained their property and not the property of Green House Seeds so when they Bloomington women cock sucker their genetics went with them leaving Arjan without the original genetics to use to attempt to duplicate the strains lost to the nicr. Home» von Rheinlandpfalz.

View(active tab) · User comments · User posts. After mentioning this on Mr.

My ass, 1 year later and still no word, anytime I mention it i get a attacked. April 22, I've been a long time lurker fofum only now decided to register here also cause of the view limit and it was getting interesting here.

I'm trying to get less concerned about others. Click to expand I am Mrs nice girl.

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After the shared name strains the forun are no more similar than any other lines. Like other breeders lacking original genetics but wanting to cash in on the strain-name he created his own versions and gave them the same names. Nice, and another breeder working with him. JessE and 2.

Mr nice seeds? | rollitup

The similarities between breeder Wife gone looking today do not go all that much farther than shared strain-names for genetically different strains, like is the case with most knockoffs of famous named strains. He took on two partners, one was the present Green House Seeds owner Arjan, who originally handled the sales end of the business.

To start viewing messages, select the forum mice you want to visit from the selection below. I know it's a good trait but I'm in Pain!