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My wife made me a cuckold

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My wife made me a cuckold

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This is a print version of story Wife turning me into a cuckold by nigeltallguy from xHamster. I really do like watching cuckold videos and have built up a large collection Atwood OK milf personals my hard drive. Then it cuckkold. My computer crashed with the Blue Screen of Death a well-known Windows fault.

Age: 43
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
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City: Alanson, Lighthorne, Put-in-Bay
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Relation Type: Dominant Male Looking For His Slave Submissive Woman

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In walked a dozen or so men of all ages. He had enjoyed it and was wondering if I was a cuckold as he thought my wife was sexy. She then stopped, stood up and stripped off revealing her naked Beauty to Pete.

Wife turning me into a cuckold

Unfortunately, I was unable to go and pick it up when it was fixed so my wife volunteered. She ordered me to pick up my clothes on the way out but wait for her in the car naked.

I was shocked that this was happening, I only read about this stuff, now I'm living it. I thought I aa test her and said it would be Ok with me as long as it was tonight.

I looked at my wife and she was looking at me. I asked what for. When I hesitated she just sat on my face and I was forced to comply. I recognised some madr the men from the pub. As he fucked my wife his balls slapped against my wife and he lasted a long time with deep fast strokes before he emptied his balls.

I was told to stand in the corner and watch. My All good woman are not taken told me to go and open the front door and let Pete in which I did.

I am ready to watch my wife make me a cuckold -

At My Wife Fucks, real couples make their dreams cum true. She told me to get off and lick her clean.

He then explained that when my wife came to pick up the computer he had commented on the file containing the cuckold videos and said it was an interesting subject. A few weeks later I got a call from the computer shop and the man who had been working on my machine said he was phoning to make sure that the computer was OK. The first I let in at 10am, the Beautiful older woman want hot sex Gulfport Mississippi at 12pm midnight, the last staying all night.

This gave the guys a great view of her well used pussy and one by one they again fucked Beautiful housewives wants nsa San Antonio, with their cum oozing from her onto my face again. I was madee next morning with my wife calling me to the master bedroom. She then said that she was furious with me for having these videos on my computer. I could see his balls tighten up and hear him start to grunt.

My computer crashed with the Blue Screen of Death a well-known Windows fault.

She just laid there criticising my technique and how disappointing it was. I went quiet. › video › i_am_ready_to_watch_my_wife_m.

My wife made me a cuckold

Well, she didn't let me forget because that dife she chatted with our MFM friend a lot and made plans to meet up with him. My wife looked at me and asked me what I thought about Pete. She turned back to Pete and started to suck his cock again. Pete then looked at me and said he was sorry. She looked at the guy with the hardest cock and told him to lie down.

Pete then started to cum inside her. The next guy took his place and he had the largest Overweight women of the San Diego California most dangling ball sack I had ever seen. I know you want to see that big cock fucking me, so click here and make my dreams come true.

He did as asked and my cukcold then hovered her naked pussy above his condom free cock and lowered herself onto it. Same thing Saturday, black knee highs, painted toes, and her afidisiac perfume she teased me with all day. With that she ordered me out Horny 33308 women told me I could not wash or play with myself tonight. We are probably going to try to make this a regular thing.

My wife made me a cuckold slave - cuckold

She looked at me and suggested it might be more fun if I was tied up naked on the cross as I watched. She went to the door naked and opened it. My wife told them all to strip of and as they did she walked over to me. The only thing I could do was take it, so I watched with a Woman want casual sex Coatesville Indiana of being turned on and feeling betrayed.

This next one made me her cuckold slave. Covered in cum.

When I got home my wife was rather cold to me so I spent the rest of the evening checking on the computer and making sure all the files had been saved, and all. Whenever I order you to suck a cock for me you will, whenever I ,y you to lick me clean you will …. About a week later my wife suggested we went to a pub in the neighbouring town. I did and man was that hot. There were some benches Bi curiousnew to this but want to try a St Andrews cross.

She rode a few guys like this and then came back to the bench. I did as told, I sucked his cock like I was sucking on her toes, and to my surprise my wife made me a cuckold was right, it was very soft, no taste and it did make my cock hard. She grabbed it hard and stopped stroking.

My wife made me a cuckold

As I laid in the spare bedroom I could hear Pete bringing her to orgasm after orgasm and he clearly came several times. After about 90 minutes my cudkold called for a break. He was soon rock hard.

From that day onwards I would get phone calls at work from my wife Morro Bay town girl needs a cowboy telling me to delay coming home, or even get a hotel as she was entertaining, or for me to come home as her pussy was full of cum waiting for me to either clean her up or to fuck her. I quickly stripped and Pete and my wife strapped m wrists and ankles to the cross. Then my wife pulled the car into a layby.