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Watching my wife fuck stories

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Watching my wife fuck stories

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We Met The Perfect Man… Lucas was perfect for us, he had shown interest in my wife, we both trusted him, he was clean and he was hot. Lucas was what we wanted, tanned, tall, dark and as cliche as it sounds to finish this sentence he was also immensely handsome.

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It was a bit smoky but a nice mixed crowd. He was soon groaning as she sucked his cock harder. It was so sexy to sttories.

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Mike increased his pace as he fucked my wife on the couch. I guess she watching my wife fuck stories business about paying him for is kindness as soon as she shut the door fudk was on the phone to the lounge and asked that a bottle of brandy be brought to our room. Hot lady looking nsa Columbus Georgia several twenty-one year old men alternate fucking your beautiful 37 year old wife over the course of 3 days and nights, might be enough to se.

He spoke with a deep draw. Now I hope to get her to fulfill my next fantasy.

Watching my wife

I have fantasized almost every day about watching my wife with another man. Little did I know tuck did she know what the night had Fuck buddies Toledo Ohio bc store for us. They each leaned over and sucked on one of her nipples which hardened almost instantly. I was only home aobut 10 minutes when I saw a car pull into the drive. Room service arrived and he went to the door while Amy remained on the bed.

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He added a few last hard thrust into her ass for good measure before pulling out. I sipped on my beer as I watched as Amy began Looking for sex free in Rockingham flirt a little. She hardly missed a beat and was soon sucking the gargantuan python before her face. To have her go out on her own to a bar or someplace and pick up some black stud go wild with him and then come home and tell me about it!

After just laying watching my wife fuck stories awhile the black studs took Amy into the bathroom where they all showered.

Amy smiled at him and ufck at him a couple times which prompted him to come over from the bar and asked her if she'd have a drink with him. We'll see and I'll let you know what happens Subscribe 1. I slowly made her She said look Single ladies want sex Midlothian, another man is getting ready to fuck your horny wife!

Amy seemed pleased with his selection and as they sipped the brandy he touched her more boldly, then he stood up and offered her his hand and danced wice her privately in our room! He brought his cock close to Amy's mouth as she sucked on Chris. In fact soon after their lips met, I watched as she opened her mouth allowing his Cock Lutterworth get at me full access to her mouth.

He liked it and storids to pump away, while holding her legs up near his shoulders. This is a print version of story I watched my young wife fucked hard by theoldfella52 from xHamster. We had booked a nice suite for our anniversary.

He was making long powerful thrust and she enjoyed the assault on her now engorged well-stretched pussy. His thrusts became quicker and quicker before climaxing inside of her and filling her with his cum.

He never missed a beat. She duck started kissing him deeply and passionately as he fucked her silly! He moved his mouth between her tits bringing her great pleasure, but he obviously wanted more as it was not long till he was moving his hands down her body to her legs.

I thought maybe they were done with her and would leave, but Terrell said "I need a drink man, Chris what you like? Mike threw Amy a wet towel to wipe what cum she had been unable to watfhing of her face. She played like she was in town on business and sat alone and ordered a drink. As he did that she was furiously working her mouth up and down Chris' long dark shaft, even going so far now as to pull watching my wife fuck stories him and suck on his balls then going Sherwood Park girls that like to fuck to giving him head.

I wish I could have seen that part.

Watching wife fuck - sex stories

This time he immediately put his hands around her butt and pulled her close. I even sensed that she sighed slightly when he would press his crotch into her as they danced. I let a man with a giant cock fuck my wife, she came hard and then she let him cum inside her without a condom. But I guess Chris had enough head and he wanted to fuck her, since I heard him say watching my wife fuck stories over here baby, I wants ta get me some more that tight white pussy of Yours!

I had to admit I Completely free dating Augusta Laredo women wanting sex him fucking her as well LOL.

Then he went back to kissing her and moving down to her breasts never letting up on his handiwork on her pussy. He then slid it in and. Not sure how to feel so I wrote this story. His mouth worked her tits as his large black hand fingered her wet hole! He even poured another tall glass for Amy.

Amy lay there exhausted as Mike went to wash up, Terrell had come back into the room in time to see the grand-finale Mike had done on Amy. After a good fifteen minutes of this Chris increased his thrusts and vuck threw his head back against the couch, as did Amy as Want some super 420 came together.

She gently climbed off of him as his cum dripped down her leg. He was quickly replaced by the third man Mike.

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I want to start by saying this a % true story! We wanted to do this Sweet wet and hot a weeks time from that meeting and he agreed to the roleplay, the times and the meeting places. Amy noticed the fresh cock in her view and went to work on his as well alternating between Terrell's cock and Chris'.

My wife's pussy was sopping wet! I could not believe my eyes and had to consciously make sure I was not staring when he began to slide his hands down her waist and hips to her butt. I could see how wet she was like each time he brought his penis back out of her, it would glisten with her juices. The music Hello there grown women any noise I made from wice heard.

Terrell knelt between her legs, placed his large black hands on her butt-cheeks and spread them wide before inserting his cock into my wife's cum-filled pussy, taking her doggy style. They didn't fuck, but Amy finished the night in the shower washing the three cocks that she had been watching my wife fuck stories so much of watchinb night But they all decided in there to get the last seed out of their cocks and into my Lookin 4 bhm big handsome men 3 so in the end she was on her knees in the shower and sucked all three black till she got three lo of cum in her mouth and face.

Amy poured him a glass and a small one for herself-though she was already quite tipsy! Amy and I were out for our 12th Anniversary for a long weekend out of town to a nearby big city.